History of the Lands

h1<. First Age

The land masses of Thon and Hearth rose from the sea. The first being The Ancient came into being and created the first race The Elder.

Then the land of Barda came into being.

Within the ranks of the Elder an order known as the Despisers was formed by those who sought greater power.

The land of Shasta was pulled from the sea.

The Elder gathered and was comanded by The Ancient to form the Hidden City on Thon where the study of illusion was greatly advanced. Due to lingusitic drift: Thon became known as Thun; Hearth became Heart and Barda changed to Bihrd. Volcanic eruptions off the coast Thun formed the Archipellago of the Broken Islands. Meanwhile the middle of Shasta land mass became the Desert of Hope.

The Dispisers Corrupted the Hidden City making blood sport and the practice of dueling common place. Furthermore, the despisers formed the Monstary of Hate in the mountains of Shasta near the Desert of Hope.

Arandell created the race called the Aron on the Bihrd land mass

The Ancient created a curse around the Hidden City that affects those that enter the city that have ill intent are struck blind and deaf with the vision of The Ancient. The land mass Bihrd and changes name to Vard. Shasta becomes Zhassa. Thun becomes Dohn. Heart becomes Kaerth. Desert of Hope changes to Hope Desert.

Sheena comes into being and creates race on the Vard land mass in the mountains called the Sheenar with alignment neutral.

The Dispisers Corrupts the Elder by instituting slavery, and Corrupts The Hidden City by introducing blood sports. The Despisers create a second monestary, Monestary of Pain on Vard.

The city of Aron on Morn is formed while the volcanic continent of Vendee rises from the sea.

The Ancient creates the religious order Dawnchildren in the Aron to guide them. Vendee becomes tropical jungle. The mountains on Vardo become ice covered and Glaciers form. It was then know as the Frozen Savannah. Vard becomes Vardo, Zhassa becomes Zhassana, Dohn becomes Dohna, Hope Dessert becomes Xob Dessert.

The Despisers Corrupts the Eldar by makeing bloodsports pervasive past time.

The Ancient creates Outreach (+1), a city of good Eldar as a haven for freed slaves. The city brings the protective shell with them, only it is flawed: it kills instead of curses.

h1<. Second Age

The Despisers Corrupts the Eldar as they turn the other races to livestock.

The Gor a goodly race comes into being. The City of Aron advances in Engineering (+1). While the Gor advances in War Magic.

The Ancent Creates The Heirs, a subrace of the Eldar, whose capital city is Outreach. With it power, The Ancient advances the Heirs to become Practicaly Immortalit (they do not die from old age).

The Dispisers further Corrupt the Eldar as blood magic is introduced. Sensing impending war the Gor advance in Warfare (+1).

The Heirs are granted True Immortality (they cannot die by any means) by The Acient but become barren.

The Dispisers Advance the Eldar in Blood Magic.

The first Dragons are seen on Vendee. Gor build the city of Goran on Zhassana.

The Ancient instructs the the Heirs in Healing Magic. The Ancient leads the Heirs to build a new city, [[Goran-el]].

While forming the city of [[Goran-el]], members of The Dispisers capture The Ancient and return it to the Hidden City. There they place The Ancient in the Soul Furnace to power their civilization. The Hidden City glows with power for a hundred years.

Within the race of Dragons there forms a sub race: the Metallic Dragons (+1). Also, Aron advances in Literature (+1).

One of the Heirs gives birth to The Child, the next incarnation of The Ancient. The Child leads the Heirs to build a city near Morn, [[Morn-el]], and reunited the Dawnchildren with their parent race.

The Hidden City grows, the curse grows with it. Population boomed as The Ancient fueled their civilization. There was a failed attempt to abduct Arandell.

Arandell orders the Aron to create an army. The Gor also create an army. The Aron advanced in Shipbuilding.

The Child endows the Heirs with wings. The Dawnchildren join the armies. The Child commands the Heirs to build a city on the continent of Vendee, called [[Dragon-el]].

h1<. Third Age

The Hidden City builds a gigantic ship and kidnaps the city of Outreach, curse and all, leaving a horrible scar on the island of Akin. They return the city to the Hidden City and place it in a specially made Soul Furnace to power their civilization.

Arandell creates an army of Metallic Dragons, and leads them lay siege to the Eldar and the Hidden City, cleansing the land of Eldar as they go.

Morn builds The Great Library.

When the curses of Outreach and The Hidden City meet, they react and cause a huge explosion, destroying cities, and all of the armies. The resulting cataclysm creates the Extinction Sea, and the continent of [[Do’Karr]].

From the rubble emerges Spite, the last Hidden City Eldar. Spite was affected by the explosion, merging the traits of the Eldar, the Heirs,

The Gor, The Aron, and Metallic Dragons. Arandell creates an army of Gor. The Gor expands into the Xob dessert, and build the city of Talen.

The Child orders The Heirs to build a city near Talen, named [[Talen-el]]. Some of the Heirs move into the Frozen Savannah to live with the Sheenar. The Heirs advance in Commerce.

Spite creates the race of the Hungry Dead on [[Do’Karr]]. The Hungry Dead create the city of Ressurection on the Extinction Sea. Ressurection advances in Divination.

Arandell leads the army of Gor to destroy the Monastery of Hate, and renames it the Monastery of Enlightenment. Aron create the city Dawn on Vardo, and create the Wondrous Ship, called the Dawn Catcher. The Dawn Catcher sets sail to find the dawn.

The Child creates [[Dawn-el]]. Advances The Heirs in Diplomacy (+1).

Advance the Hungry Dead in Fate Magic. Spite creates the city of Gateway.

Arandell leads the army of Gor to destroy the Monastery of Pain, and renames it the Well of Soothing. Aron advance in Architecture.

Dawnchildren make the Well of Soothing their home. Advance the Sheenar in Nature Magic (+1) and Wilderness Lore (+1).

Spite creates [[Kar-Morn]] near Morn. The Hungry Dead create [[Kar-Goran]] and [[Kar-Talen]].

Arandell commands Gor to create a Wonder, the Valhalla, a gothic cathedral built into a cave with a fire that cannot be extinguished and needs no fuel. The Gor Advance in the Arts.

Advance The Heirs in Metallurgy (+1). Create Order of The Remembrance. The Child convinces the other avatars to leave the races to their own, promising to come to their aid should they ask. Spite leaves behind a hand, an eye, and his tongue. Sheena gives no response and is presumed dead.

History of the Lands

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